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Residential digital audio broadcasting solution

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Community requirements are as follows

1. Every area of the community must be able to hear background music and notifications;

2. Each area can realize automatic broadcast of the partition. For example, when playing in the morning, the whole area plays some pleasant music, which makes the spirit of the residents excited and the work enthusiasm naturally improves. When the work is off, the lawn area can play some soothing and quiet music. People who are tired for a day relieve fatigue and enjoy the beauty of music; play some childlike music in the children's play area, let the children ride the wings of music and have a good childhood; when the property company gets off work, it can only play on the property office area. Ring tone

3. The control room can be automatically played, unattended, once set up, no staff is required to manage, unless there are temporary changes;

4. When there is a temporary notification that needs to be broadcast, you can stop automatic playback immediately and switch to manual control.

According to the requirements, do the following analysis and design

1. The cell installation broadcast system is mainly for the background music and daily transactional broadcasting, and because the cell has been covered by the network, we design the navigation network audio broadcasting system for this community according to the demand. The whole community is divided into five zones according to the broadcasting requirements, namely: lawn, central entertainment plaza, underground garage, property office area, children's play area and other five areas.

2. In order to match the beautiful surroundings, the lawn area is equipped with lawn speakers. According to its approximate area, we have 10 20W lawn speakers.

3. The central square is generally used as a place for entertainment and gathering. The volume required is large, and there is no wall around. The outdoor rainproof column is used. According to the actual area, two 45W sound columns are provided.

4. The underground garage is surrounded by walls, and it is relatively empty and humid. The echo effect is also very obvious. Even a small sound will give people a great sound. It is recommended to use 8 25W moisture-proof columns.

5. The property office area is indoors. According to the layout of the room and the user's preference for the speaker, an appropriate number of wall-mounted speakers or ceiling speakers can be configured. According to the actual investigation, two 6W ceiling ceiling speakers are provided.

6. The main target of the children's play area is children. Here, some cartoon speakers and sound columns can be used. According to the situation, two 20W cartoon speakers are available.

7. Power amplifier is a very important device in the broadcasting system, which directly affects the stability of the system and the quality of the broadcast sound. Therefore, in addition to considering the power loss of the terminal speaker, we also consider the loss of the line and other equipment when configuring the power amplifier. And the system has redundant power to ensure the stability of the system.

8. In areas where the supply voltage is unstable, it is recommended to use the UPS regulated power supply. This ensures stable power supply to the system and prevents the system from working abnormally or damaging the equipment due to unstable voltage, which affects the normal use of the community.