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Zhejiang University of Technology Digital IP Network Broadcasting System Case

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Project Overview: Zhejiang University of Science and Technology is a provincial key construction university with a focus on work, distinctive features, outstanding advantages, and coordinated development of science, engineering, culture, economics, management, law, art and education. The school is located in the historical and cultural city of Hangzhou, where there is a paradise with Suzhou and Hangzhou.

   The history of Zhejiang University of Technology can be traced back to the Zhejiang Silkworm Museum, which was founded in 1897 by Hangzhou Zhifu Lin Qi to realize its industrial salvation and education. It is one of the earliest new educational institutions in China. In 1959, undergraduate students were recruited. In 1964, the State Council was named Zhejiang Silk Institute of Technology. In 1979, it began to enroll graduate students. In 1983, it was granted a master's degree. In 1999, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Zhejiang Engineering College. In 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Zhejiang University of Technology. In 2006, he was granted a doctoral degree.

   The school covers an area of ??more than 2,100 acres. There are 16 colleges (teaching and research department), 1 independent college, 59 undergraduate majors, 2 doctoral degree first-level disciplines, 17 master's degree-granting first-level disciplines, and 2 post-doctoral research stations; There are more than 27,000 full-time students and more than 1900 faculty members, including more than 840 associate professors and more than 240 senior titles.

client needs

The whole system requires the integration of video surveillance, alarm system, fire protection system, dispatching command, card and other related subsystems, intelligent open standard platform to access the various subsystems to make them interconnected, in the event of an emergency, can be a school Provide an efficient emergency command platform, the school can be controlled and managed by the public security bureaus at all levels. Set up monitoring and alarm assistance systems in various areas of the campus, real-time campus daily monitoring and emergency alarms for help, the help point needs to have environmental monitoring function, and linkage with campus monitoring.

Ping An Campus Emergency Command and Aid Alarm System is a network-based (Wide Area Network/Local Area Network) remote transmission voice system. It consists of a system server, a desktop intercom paging station, and a help terminal. The server and desktop intercom paging station are mainly set. In the monitoring and control room of the Public Security Bureau and the police station, the help intercom terminal is installed in the dormitory building and teaching building of the school. The server and front-end terminal of the monitoring duty room use the internal network platform of the public security system to communicate and transmit voice, forming a set of multiple Level management control (City Public Security Bureau---District and County Public Security Bureau Branch---Three-level control of police station), support thousands of intercom terminals to run simultaneously, terminal occupied bandwidth is not more than 130Kbps, voice call delay is less than 30ms, server Independent network operation, urban network intercom alarm system that can be shared with monitoring, computer and telephone. It realizes advanced functions such as urban management network alarm, remote emergency command, remote information broadcasting, alarm recording and so on.

Ping An Campus Emergency Command and Assistance Alarm System--Mainly can meet the monitoring and management of various schools in the jurisdiction of public security bureaus and police stations in the city. This system has two-way intercom, police hands-free intercom, emergency help, emergency information. Release, emergency broadcast, sound intensity alarm, remote call, recording backup and other functions. The system has the characteristics of high stability, high integration, high scalability and multi-function, and can realize the connection of the Pingan campus video surveillance system to realize real-time linkage alarms for various emergencies, major emergencies, fires, and remote crime scenes. Visualization and positioning monitoring, synchronous command and dispatch, and fully exploit and play the synergy of the above systems. It not only realizes the transformation of campus security from “after-the-fact control” to “pre-existing prevention and stop-in-the-fact”, but also broadens the propaganda channels of Ping An Campus, activates the propaganda form, and establishes a service channel for the teachers and students to improve the safety of the campus. Degree and safety satisfaction of teachers and students.

System functions

Ping An Campus Emergency Command and Help Alarm System is a very important part of the digital construction of Ping An Campus. It can be combined with monitoring to improve the security level of Ping An Campus. The Ping An Campus Help Alarm System has the following functions:

1. Two-way voice intercom call function; the paging intercom terminal of the police station monitoring center and the front-end campus help terminal can perform full-duplex communication. For example, the voice intercom terminal of each help terminal can be activated by one button, and the fast call monitoring command center or The duty station staff of the police station will get help in time.

2, call transfer custody function: If the paging intercom terminal of the duty station is calling or leaving the post, the monitoring center intercom terminal specifies the number of rings, no answer or shutdown, it will automatically transfer to other duty The intercom terminal of the room or hosted to the upper level command center.

3. Call strong cut function: The paging intercom terminal call can set the priority level. The high-level voice intercom terminal user can forcibly terminate and insert the low-level user's call. For example, when the branch office and the regional police station are conducting a voice call, the Public Security Bureau When an emergency order is issued, the terminal that is in the call can be forcibly cut off to issue a command.

4. Partition broadcast function: The branch monitoring center or the police station duty room can perform one-way broadcast paging or play background music to one or more specific areas of the municipality directly under the jurisdiction.

5. Call reminder function: When the teacher and student press the help intercom terminal for help or intercom call, the voice intercom terminal of the monitoring center or the police duty room can remind the staff by three reminders: voice, text and light. Answer in time.

6, voice intercom recording management function: the system can automatically digitally record each call content, the recording file is stored in the server hard disk in an orderly manner according to the year, month and day, and the query is called at any time, including the terminal record and date. , time, etc.; and support for directory management, automatic segmentation and other functions.

7. Headphone call function: The desktop voice intercom terminal of the monitoring center can be connected to the headset to ensure that the staff of the duty room of the police station can communicate with the remote voice intercom terminal in the case of human noise or environmental noise.

8. Remote voice call and command: When there is suspicious object and emergency squad in the surveillance video, the total monitoring center can realize emergency voice call to the monitoring point, conduct crowding or command site processing, and voice for suspicious objects. Shocking effect.

9. Alarm and alarm light flashing synchronization: When pressing a button for help button, the terminal outputs AC220V controllable power supply to drive the alarm on the vertical rod to flash, the light can transmit farther than the sound, which can be convenient for the far-off people. Or police officers see, draw attention and respond, and at the same time play a deterrent role for criminals.

10. Automatic/manual answering function; the voice intercom terminal of the Public Security Bureau monitoring center or the police station's duty room can be set to realize the automatic ringing to the call state after ringing once, or can be set to achieve continuous ringing until manual The ringtone can be selected and added and deleted until the button is answered.

11. Drop prompt function: After the system supports the front-end campus intercom terminal to drop the line, the “bubble” prompt appears on the software interface of the central control room to remind the staff to drop the position information of the terminal, so that the fault information can be processed in time.

12. On-site environmental monitoring: Built-in pickups on the front-end alarm help terminal on the campus. When the public security bureau or the street police station finds suspicious conditions through the video surveillance screen, you can remotely open the built-in pickup of the help alarm terminal intercom terminal. The sound is monitored.