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Huasheng Experimental School

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Background of the project

Huasheng Experimental School was founded in 1997, formerly known as "Baoan 3D School". It has been implemented in primary school, junior high school and high school for 12 years. In 2004, it was renamed Shenzhen Huasheng Experimental School. In the past ten years, the school has won the "Baoan District First Class School", "Shenzhen Green School", "Shenzhen Garden-style, Garden-style School", "Baoan District Campus Culture Construction Excellent School", "Baoan District Private School Comprehensive Management Quality Award"" Baoan District Advanced Unit of Education Work ""Shenzhen First Class School" "Guangdong Province Green School" "Baoan District Junior High School Teaching Quality Progress Award" "Baoan District Citizenship School Pairing Help Advanced Unit" "Private Education Quality Award" "Baoan District Mass Sports Work advanced units" and other honorary titles or awards. The school has a quiet environment. The campus covers an area of 60,000 square meters, with green trees and flowers.

Since its establishment in 1997, Huasheng Experimental School has gone through 13 years of hard work. The school has developed into "Shenzhen First Class School", "Shenzhen Green School", "Shenzhen Garden Style, Garden School", "Baoan District Campus Culture Construction Excellent School". In May 2009, the "Shenzhen First Class School" evaluation expert group had evaluated the school as "a state-owned private school with a dedicated teacher, students like it, parental recognition, community satisfaction, and government reassurance."

 customer demand

The basic daily function of the broadcast system, such as bell ringing, eye-protection, and flag-raising; in the primary school, middle school, and high school, the office can independently play music, open parent conferences, grades, classes, and classes in each department. English listening test; listening test uses U disk, CD and other digital media, basic equipment for listening and playback includes player, terminal controller, speaker and supporting equipment.


The whole system design is as follows: The school public broadcasting system requires strict design according to the campus public broadcasting design requirements, combined with relevant design standards and campus drawings. The public broadcasting system design requirements meet the campus background music broadcasting, information broadcasting, broadcast notification, emergency broadcasting. The broadcast server is located in the school broadcast room, etc. The three departments of the elementary school, the middle school, and the high school use three sub-control stations to realize the broadcasting of the grades and classes of each branch; each class uses wall-mounted terminals and speakers to achieve point-to-point broadcasting; the playground is equipped with a wireless microphone, High-power amplifiers and high-power outdoor waterproof sound columns meet the broadcasting needs of the weekly flag-raising ceremony.