OBT-MAX0808 8-channel hybrid chassis
  • OBT-MAX0808 8-channel hybrid chassis
  • Product Name: OBT-MAX0808 8-channel hybrid chassis
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Full digital switching, support 8 inputs, 8 outputs, each seamless input card can achieve true real-time seamless switching;

Support all common input/output signal cards, and can be combined with HDMI, HDBaseT, SD/HD/3G-SDI, fiber, DVI and VGA (YUV and YV and CVBS compatible) signal cards to form a switching system;

Adopt FPGA architecture, internal self-built core computing mechanism, no embedded operating system;

Bus switching technology, each signal is transmitted by a separate dedicated channel to ensure real-time display of all signal images;

The device has a multi-frequency multiplier function, and performs multi-line scaling and multi-frequency enhanced display on the image signal, and uniformly processes signals of different resolutions to output signals of the same resolution;

True cross-switching, regardless of the signal format, can be switched to any output with any input;

Advanced EDID management to ensure greater compatibility;

Audio and video can be switched independently;

Support HDMI1.4a, compatible with HDCP, support 3D;

Support HDBaseT technology integration;

Support twisted pair and fiber optic transmission input and output signal cards;

Instantaneous display switching to ensure smooth transitions;

Unique pixel clocking technology for superior output transfer and accurate time;

On-site upgrade and hot swap to ensure a friendly user experience;

Support power-down protection, power loss will not lose parameters and function settings;

Support button, IR and RS232 control, optional TCP/IP control, and compatible with third-party control;

International standard power supply support (AC100~AC240V, 50/60Hz), safety certification.