OBT-6100M master machine
  • OBT-6100M master machine
  • Product Name: OBT-6100M master machine
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Highly confidential, to prevent external malicious interference and eavesdropping.

Suitable for small, medium to large international conference halls or outdoor venues.

With automatic level control (ALC).

Superior anti-interference ability, free from interference from lighting and wireless communication equipment.

The connection is quick and easy, which reduces the engineering difficulty and reduces the engineering cost.

Adopt the most advanced phase-locked loop technology.

There are multiple sets of transliteration output channels for recording.

With multiple sets of voice input channels, it can simultaneously modulate and transmit up to 6 languages.

The unique test function of the host can generate a variety of different frequency information corresponding to the number of languages, which is convenient for system debugging.

It has an input level indication function that directly displays the input level.

Can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet.