IP digital network broadcasting wall-mounted terminal controller OBT-9708
  • IP digital network broadcasting wall-mounted terminal controller OBT-9708
  • Product Name: IP digital network broadcasting wall-mounted terminal controller OBT-9708
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Standard wall-mounted design, black alumina brushed panel, exquisite and beautiful, exquisite craftsmanship, showing high-grade temperament;

★ 3.5-inch TFT color screen display, friendly screen, equipped with infrared remote control, display is clear, easy to operate (up and down song / fast forward / fast reverse / pause / [AB] repeat / volume key operation, volume [+] [-] adjustment ); easy to operate, no need to manually set, automatically complete the connection with the server after networking; support wired network and WIFI wireless network two access methods;

★ Supports the acquisition of tracks from the server, from local memory and U disk, and external lines; automatically synchronizes the timing program with the server, changes the server program, and automatically synchronizes the network;

★Networked and offline working modes, can still perform timing tasks in the event of a network failure;

★ With remote collection function, the collected audio files are sent to the designated terminal for playback; support for receiving remote fixed-point broadcast, remote sub-multicast sound and full-area broadcast; equipment adopts embedded linux technology and DSP audio processing technology design; adopts high-speed industrial grade Chip; built-in on-demand acquisition module, real-time program on-demand function; built-in 2 × 10W stereo digital fixed-resistance power amplifier; 1 channel audio auxiliary output, external power amplifier; 1 line input, local amplification;

★ Built-in three-level signal priority function adjustment:

A. Local signal priority: The local input signal takes precedence, and the priority level can be preset, and the network music plays the role of background music;

B. Emergency broadcast priority: When the emergency broadcast priority input, the broadcast signal will automatically turn off the local input signal and play the network emergency broadcast signal;

C. Local signal forced priority: In the case of emergency broadcast, the local forced priority function can be activated to implement the manual local emergency broadcast function;

Support cross-VLAN or Layer 3 routing; with remote Internet playback. Standby power is less than 3W, and CCC certification is obtained;

It can be accessed from an Ethernet port and supports cross-network segments and cross-routes.