IP network intercom OBT-9808
  • IP network intercom OBT-9808
  • Product Name: IP network intercom OBT-9808
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Support two-way intercom;

As a single microphone broadcast;

★ Support network fixed-point timing unicast;

★ Support network fixed-point timing a group of multicast;

★ Support network fixed-point timing multi-group multicast;

★ Support network fixed-point timing global broadcast;

Support cross-virtual LAN or Layer 3 routing;

3.5-inch TFT color screen display, friendly screen;

Designed with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology;

Using high-speed industrial grade chips, the startup time is less than 1 second;

Built-in high-performance DSP audio processing, support for digital echo cancellation, audio compression;

Built-in hands-free calling function, support for custom answering mode, support for headsets;

Advanced keyboard design, 21 numeric keys and function keys for comfortable operation;

Support wired and WIFI network access methods, WIFI (optional);

It is easy to operate, no need to set up manually, and automatically completes connection with the server after networking;

Supports obtaining tracks from the server, local memory, USB flash drive and external lines;

With single point acquisition, multi-point playback function, used for college entrance examination, training, teaching and other audio source playback;

★Networked and offline working modes, can still perform timing tasks in the event of a network failure;

Built-in advanced monitor speakers, 10 levels of electronic volume adjustment, support for server and local volume adjustment;

One channel of audio signal output for local public address system or other power amplifier system to broadcast;

An audio signal input can be converted into a digital network signal and transmitted to the network for broadcast by other terminals;

Embedded system, using a fixed static IP address, the address is not lost when the network changes, can work for a long time;

Supports synchronization of terminal and server timing programs, server program changes, and networked automatic synchronization tasks.

★Products passed the national 3C quality certification