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Company Culture

Today in the 21st century, the market competition in the economic field appears to be more stimulating and cruel. The core of this competition is basically the competition of talents.

The human resources concept of OBO Public Broadcasting will be demonstrated in terms of organizational structure, job functions, management objectives, etc., making it more creative and user-friendly.

Business expectation for employees

General Staff

Responsibility: Responsible for what you do;

Execution: Follow the instructions, follow through, do not discount, and do your best.

Middle employee

Self-motivation: self-improvement;

Team work: Collaborate with others to lead the work team.

Senior staff

Career: Establish your business in the company and grow together with the company;

Leadership: Grasping personnel layout, direction strategy, vision.

Morality: integrity, dedication, carelessness;

Quality: self-confidence, competence, and good performance;

Ability: team, innovation, good learning;

Ethics: Dedication, hard work, and commitment.