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The OBT brand adheres to the rigorous and serious design concept, advanced manufacturing process and testing methods of German products. High-quality products are highly recognized by Chinese counterparts. The products are widely used in professional public broadcasting systems, fire protection systems, conference systems and other fields. In order to comply with the trend of digital intelligent broadcasting, OBT strives to provide quality products and engineering solutions for broadcast users in the field of intelligent broadcasting with its serial products. In the process of continuous innovation, OBT utilizes rich management technology and high-quality and efficient team, and utilizes rich international design and marketing experience to create value for customers. With high starting point and high quality products, OBT leads the industry! To lay a solid foundation for further expanding brand awareness and market share in the fast-growing Chinese public broadcasting market.

Orbotech provides the world's most competitive high-tech public broadcasting products, owns its own patented products, and is the first in the industry to launch flat-panel audio products capable of remote transmission, and subsequently introduces digital networks in the domestic broadcast audio industry. The concept of broadcasting; the patented products developed and produced by OBO Technology have accounted for about 20% of the domestic public broadcasting system market share, becoming an important public broadcasting company in China, creating and establishing a good brand image in the public broadcasting industry - OBT.

Ou Bo Enterprise adheres to the management tenet of “Technology-based, Pioneering and Innovative”, and creates a miracle in the public broadcasting industry with diligence, stability and innovation as its core concepts. In the past few years, Ou Bo Technology has not added any burden to the national and local governments. Under the correct decision-making of scientific research projects and the sincere cooperation of all staff, it has continued to grow and develop relying on the rolling of its own funds.

Obo Technology constantly updates and perfects its own internal management system, consistent with the pace of the world's leading companies. The "ERP" computer network management system is adopted to achieve efficient and unified production, supply, marketing, information feedback and after-sales service. Advanced technology, excellent quality and excellent service have enabled Obo to win a broad market. The spirit of the enterprise is technology-based, pioneering and innovative, and contributes to accelerating China's professional audio level to catch up with the international level. Obo encourages employees to communicate openly, respect the personal value of employees, and continuously improve employee value and develop a variety of technical skills through systematic vocational training and job rotation.